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Effective Planning guarantees minimum downtime for your personnel, less chance of interruption of yofur office routine, and adherence to your relocation schedule. Professional Los Angeles Movers offers quality office moving for your space.


Professional Los Angeles Movers in Orange County handles local moves, and they are performed within a city, and/or state depending on the distance. If your moving site is less than 100 miles of the departure site, it is considered a local move. A local move can take place in one day or can be over a number of days depending on the distance and/or size of your move.


Long distance moves are those which usually involve crossing state lines. However, given the size of California it could mean moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The charges for the type of move could be based on both weight and mileage, or depending on the company could be charged by time.

Packing Services

We offer professional packing of household goods into appropriate size boxes. Packing of mattresses and TV’s. Disassembly and reassembly of furniture items.

Green Service

We love the environment, so that’s why we properly dispose of all recyclables in its proper disposal containers.


We are available 7 days per week to answer any questions you may have about moving. Our company also performs moving services 7 days a week.

Fast Move

Not only are our professional movers fast, but they are safe – handling your furniture with a delicate touch. Our movers back-ground checked, protected by the workers compensation insurance.

Commercial Movers

Our staff is specially trained to handle all varieties of commercial moves from office moves to technology companies. Property and cargo insurance are on file. 


Ask us about our storage policies. We can provide you with the assistance and information you need about local storage of your goods. Storage for the customers in transit.


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