Frequently asked questions


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Yes Professional Los Angeles Movers, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured moving company. 

Materials to protect your furniture are always included in the rate. Highly skilled movers and basic moving insurance are also included. Mattress covers and television packing are included at no additional charge.

Professional Los Angeles Movers, Inc. has no hidden charges

All breaks, including lunch, will not be added to your total bill.

Please inform our service representative of any extra large or extremely heavy items such as ellipticals, recliner couches, or gun safes.

The Bill of Lading or Moving contract is a record of your move. It includes everything from the time it took to move your household goods to the breakdown of the charges for moving services. It is wise for you to read the entire contract. Don’t feel rushed. We understand that you want to be clear on the meaning of everything. Our foreman will take the time to answer any questions you may have on the bill.

Schedules are pre-arranged and it is a time that is set between the dispatch agent at our office and you, the customer. We will work to provide you the best time of arrival, which can be in the morning or afternoon. Our driver usually calls the customer about 45 minutes prior to arriving.

It is best to book moves as far out in advance as possible. The ideal time is 2 to 5 weeks ahead of your moving date. Life doesn’t always work out this way, so we understand if you’re in a hurry. We will do our very best to accommodate your specific needs.

That depends on your type of move. If you are moving a long distance, then yes we provide in-home estimates at no cost to you. For local moves it is much more difficult to provide an estimate since local moving services are charged by the hour in most cases. This is why we refrain from providing you time and cost estimates for your move. We will work as hard and fast as safely possible to save you the most money and protect your household goods from any possible damage.

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