Long distance moves are those which usually involve crossing state lines. However, given the size of California it could mean moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The charges for the type of move could be based on both weight and mileage, or depending on the company could be charged by time.

Professional Los Angeles Movers will send a representative to your home, create an inventory of all your items being moved, and calculate the charge based on the volume of material being transported. This is how we calculate your rate of shipping.

For expensive and large national chain moving companies pricing goes by the size of your shipment and the distance you are moving are both used in calculating rates. And usually with those large companies you are paying handsomely for just the brand name itself. With Professional Los Angeles Movers you save money. More on that in the pricing section. We offer professional moving services on intra-California moves. We are also you Orange County movers and Los Angeles County Movers. No move is too big or too small. Here are some long distance benefits for you:

  Protective blanketing wrapping and taping of all furniture pieces

  Guaranteed on-time pickup and deliveries to most areas

  Storage available upon request

  All items uniquely tagged and detailed for excellent inventory control

  Fully customized packing and materials available if needed
Our highly trained crews will disassemble and assemble all your difficult to move items including large appliances. With the help of our trained and knowledgeable customer service representatives and consultants, we can make your Los Angeles relocation both economical and trouble-free.