Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

If you are thinking of moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas there are many benefits that you can have. One of them is housing costs. According to the LA Times (here), houses are going for $200,000 – $300,000. And these aren’t your average run-of-the-muck homes. They are three and four bedroom homes that have a garage and large yard space. Try buying a home like this in Los Angeles and you will spend at least $1.3 million. The amount of savings in other locations has people moving from Los Angeles in droves.

Moving companies in Los Angeles should be acutely aware of the economic pressures that cause people to move in the first place. The number one is, as you may have guessed, housing prices. The fact is that most people find it hard to earn enough money to support thier modest lifestyles in Los Angeles and can fare better in Las Vegas. With Las Vegas becoming a growing destination for technology companies, those with technical skills find it easier to gain employment in Las Vegas upon arrival. Whereas a decade ago it was much more difficult to secure employment in Las Vegas in the tech sector, now it has become much easier. 

It becomes important to follow certain basic guidelines when hiring a moving company to move to las vegas. These can be summed up quickly – plan, prepare, and participate.

Plan – Having the right plan can save you hundreds and even thousands on when your moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas NV. Make sure you reach out to two or three moving companies with high ratings on Yelp and Google. Before your final selection, ask them if their trucks are equipped with air ride and if they can protect your assets with minimum basic insurance coverage. Also ask them if they have the necessary state permits to operate a moving company in California.

Prepare – Preparing your home for a move is easier than it sounds. Ensure you have all of the boxes, if not more, than you need for the move. You can buy boxes from your Los Angeles Moving Company such as Professional Los Angeles Movers. You can also pick up spare used boxes from grocery stores, schools, or other types of facilities. 

Participate – On move day be proactive with your movers. Tell them where you want items placed and how you want them moved. Don’t worry, you do not have to actually move items, that’s why you hire professional movers in Los Angeles. 

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