Malibu Movers provides high quality and affordable moving services. We are the best moving company in Malibu.


Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo touched down in the Malibu Lagoon to take fresh water in 1542. Nearly 400 years later what is now known as Malibu started to appear more modern. The Roaring 20s saw a host of stars moving to Malibu for it’s beautiful homes and beaches. Multimillion dollar estates now dot this coastal community. Two of the most numerous occupations are those in the management and finance realm and the sales and administrative support industries. Entertainment makes up about 15% of local employment. Malibu is one of the few cities in America where the majority of the population earn over $200,000 per year and the median home value just tips over the $2,000,000 mark. Professional Los Angeles Movers is the most professional moving company in Los Angeles providing Malibu packing and moving services at an affordable rate. Other Malibu movers don’t provide the high quality packing and moving services at the reasonable rates we provide.


Professional Los Angeles Movers is fully licensed and insured with worker’s compensation insurance. Many cheap movers claim to be qualified and to be the best LA movers, but in fact 70% of them are simply not licensed and insured. Make sure the local or long distance moving companies you do business with are credible and legal entities. There are no worries with Professional Los Angeles Movers.


Moving Tips

Make sure that:

  • Your moving company provides standard industry quality moving insurance.
  • Your long distance movers have provided you with a visual inspection of your belongings before calculating your cost/estimate as required by law.
  • You specify if you need packing or moving services or both.
  • Your movers in LA or other California cities are certified by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
  • All workers associated with any Los Angeles movers have passed background checks.
  • The LA movers you hire have an above-average rating.

HOA insurance is provided for both office moving as well as household relocation. Commercial moving insurance is provided, as well.