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Just over 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles and cushioned by the beautiful La Tuna Canyon Park to the north, famous for its hiking trails and stunning views, Burbank is a world class city by any standard. From the iconic Jay Leno “Big Dog Garage,” which houses all of the classic cars that motorists love and enjoy to the famous Griffith Park, this city has a variety of interest for all to enjoy. Those who indulge in a smoke here and there, be careful because smoking in public areas in Burbank is illegal and people have been cited for smoking in public. Many residents like the smoking ban and appreciate the fresh air and clean streets.


With a population of over 100,000 plenty of people are moving into Burbank. When it comes to Burbank moving and relocation services, Professional Los Angeles Movers is your reliable moving company. Burbank is known as the Mecca of media with some of the most well-known producers working here. Whatever your interests are for moving to or from Burbank, our professional packing and relocation services will fit your needs. There are countless unprofessional, unlicensed and cheap Burbank movers that will leave you high and dry. However, choosing Professional Los Angeles Movers is the smart choice for your Burbank moving needs. We are a fully licensed and insured Burbank moving company with worker’s compensation and highly skilled professional movers whose top priority is your satisfaction. That’s why our former customers rate us as one of the highest and most reliable Burbank moving companies in Southern California.



Moving Tips

Make sure that:

  • Your moving company provides standard industry quality moving insurance.
  • Your long distance movers have provided you with a visual inspection of your belongings before calculating your cost/estimate as required by law.
  • You specify if you need packing or moving services or both.
  • Your movers in LA or other California cities are certified by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
  • All workers associated with any Los Angeles movers have passed background checks.
  • The LA movers you hire have an above-average rating.

HOA insurance is provided for both office moving as well as household relocation. Commercial moving insurance is provided, as well.