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Most people who live in Beverly Hills don’t realize that the land they live on was once slated to be named Morocco and have a North African theme. Maybe it was the average temperature of 85°F or the arid climate that was the premise of that idea, but that obviously didn’t work out. Also, most residents don’t realize that an oil company purchased the land circa 1900 in hopes of striking black gold, but they repurposed the land later and eventually called it Beverly Hills after the name of a Massachusetts farm named Beverly Farms. It is also well known for its famous celebrities, reality shows, and of course, Beverly Hills 90210. According to 90210 is the fourth richest zip code in the nation with an average household net worth of $1.5 million and median home value of about $3.5 million. The homes are breathtaking and the views are astonishing making Beverly Hills one of the premier destinations for homeowners and renters. Professional Los Angeles Movers is the trusted Beverly Hills movers that will provide high quality packing and moving services to you and your family.


It’s no secret that people who live here demand supreme service and nothing but excellency but also affordability. That’s why Professional Los Angeles Movers is one of the most affordable and high quality Los Angeles moving companies. Many Beverly Hills movers claim to be the moving company to the stars, but truthfully the best movers are the moving companies with a great reputation. In addition, all reputable companies must be fully licensed and insured. At Professional Los Angeles movers, we are fully licensed and insured with worker’s compensation.


Our previous customers rate us among the best Los Angeles movers. Our professionally trained staff are dispatched daily to fully pack, load and unload or any combination of the three. Choose the trusted Los Angeles Movers, Professional Los Angeles Movers.


Moving Tips

Make sure that:

  • Your moving company provides standard industry quality moving insurance.
  • Your long distance movers have provided you with a visual inspection of your belongings before calculating your cost/estimate as required by law.
  • You specify if you need packing or moving services or both.
  • Your movers in LA or other California cities are certified by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
  • All workers associated with any Los Angeles movers have passed background checks.
  • The LA movers you hire have an above-average rating.

HOA insurance is provided for both office moving as well as household relocation. Commercial moving insurance is provided, as well.