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If you love clean water and clean energy, then breezy Anaheim is the place for you. In addition to a fresh glass of agua, Anaheim is probably on of the prettiest cities with over 100 miles of overhead powerlines placed underground. Anaheim also boasts the largest influx of clean energy from solar panels in the nation. Also, they are rated as a “Class 1” fire safety and water quality city. It’s hard to imagine the 10th largest city in California with over 350,000 people, also the second largest city in Orange County, that they can pride themselves on such modern luxuries. Not only is this city friendly to the environment, it’s perfect for tourists. Over 40,000,000 of them visit annually. Nearly 19 million of these visitors in 2015 visited the famed Disneyland Resort. About one out of every three households here earn between $75,000 and $150,000 per year. The unemployment rate hangs comfortably around the national average of 6.5% giving this area great stability in current and future job growth. According to, the real estate market in Anaheim has been steadily increasing over the past three years. The average home value in 2016 is $538,000. Given that the Heart of Orange County is in close proximity to all that Los Angeles and Orange County has to offer, it’s no wonder why people move to this area. Professional Los Angeles Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company and one of the best Anaheim Movers for your home or office move.


Time and time again homeowners get pummeled by companies who sell their services cheap and call themselves professionals. Make sure your Los Angeles movers have worker’s compensation as required by California statutory mandates. Professional Los Angeles Movers and our dedicated staff are your complete Orange County movers. Your priorities are ours: protecting your belongings; expedient service; quality professionalism; and most importantly, affordability. Bring in the strongest Anaheim moving team and deliver a knock-out punch to the stress of relocating. Our company culture is based on 100% customer satisfaction. We are maintaining that goal everyday by offering the most reasonable prices and professional service for your Anaheim packing and moving needs.



Moving Tips

Make sure that:

  • your moving company provides standard industry quality moving insurance.
  • your long distance movers have provided you with a visual inspection of your belongings before calculating your cost/estimate as required by law.
  • you specify if you need packing or moving services or both.
  • Your movers in LA or other California cities are certified by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
  • all workers associated with any Los Angeles movers have passed background checks.
  • The LA movers you hire have an above-average rating.

HOA insurance is provided for both office moving as well as household relocation. Commercial moving insurance is provided, as well.